I have been eating a mostly vegan diet for over a year now. None of my friends are vegan, so when I go to a friend’s house or eat out I try and stick to all vegan, but I know that I’m not always aware of every single ingredient in everything that I eat.  Sometimes I don’t want to be overbearing and ask the host for every thing they may have put in a green bean dish for example.  I don’t eat any meat, but sometimes I know that something might have an egg or other non vegan item in the mix.  Now I know that some people are very strict and would not touch anything that is not 100% vegan and I applaud them for that, but that simply is not for me.  I would say that I am about 90% vegan and do the best that I can and forgive myself (don’t beat myself up) for the rest.

I have been reading about a new vegan cheese called Daiya that people on Facebook have been raving about.  Facebook is where all of my vegan and raw friends are.  I looked at the website and the cheese is not available in Florida, but they said it was in a few items in the grocery store like Annie’s Mac and “Cheese”.  So I go to the store and purchase it, since I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about.  I put the package in the freezer and had left it there for several days. I knew it had a lot of calories, so I wanted to eat it on a day when I wouldn’t be having much else.  A few days ago, I take it out, cook it and start to eat – yum – I’m thinking -boy these guys really do have something – this tastes exactly like cheese!  As I am eating I look at the package again and realize that I had bought the wrong one – it really was cheese! I couldn’t believe it!  I haven’t had any cheese in so long and this was certainly more than just a small ingredient in something!  Well, I will admit that I did finish the meal and it did taste good.  Will I buy another one? Probably not, but at the same time I didn’t feel guilty or anything.

You see, this is the trouble with labels – if someone says to you that they are vegan, does that mean that if they eat something that is not vegan can they no longer call themselves vegan?  This is one of the reasons why I haven’t put this on my profile.  I was watching Alicia Silverstone on Oprah the other day.  She is a great spokesperson for eating vegan. She told Oprah that on a rare occasions she does eat cheese!  I really admire her for speaking the truth.

I will continue on my path of eating vegan, but if on occasion I have something different I won’t feel guilty or bad.  I hope everyone will strive to eat healthy and make the right choices, but if you do make a mistake, forgive yourself and continue on your path to do better each and every day.


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