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Seven Secrets to a Successful Detox

Congratulations on deciding to jump start to a healthier you!  A detox is a great way to give your body a rest and give you the necessary motivation of a healthier lifestyle.  After completing a detox you will look and feel great.  Your energy levels will increase and and cravings for sugar and other toxins will be gone.  I hope these secrets will help you with your detox.  Proper planning is the key.  Please note that a detox does not replace medical advice.  Follow these steps to ensure success!

1. Decisions.  Decide upfront which detox you are going to do and for how many days.  A detox can last from one day to 10 days or more.  Deciding in advance how many days you are going to do will help you complete the detox.  Do not say things like “I’ll try it and see how long I last…”  This is a recipe for failure.

2. Mindset.  You’ve heard about willpower.  Some people seem to have more of it than others.  Well – FORGET ABOUT WILLPOWER! – What you need is a proper MINDSET.  Focus your thoughts on only positive thoughts about your detox.  Prepare yourself mentally for a week or so ahead of time.  Read as much as you can about the positive effects of doing a detox.  Visualize yourself after the detox and how great you will feel.

3. Pick a date.  Look at your calendar and pick a date to start.  The first day should be when you don’t have a lot to do.  Maybe your day off from work.  Make sure there are no conflicting events like the bosses’ birthday party that will jeopardize your detox.  It can actually be dangerous to be on a juice detox for a few days and then eat a big meal without coming off the detox properly.

4. Go Shopping.  Make a list of everything you need and go shopping ahead of time.  If you shop for other people in your household that will not be doing the detox, do all of the grocery shopping before you start.

5. Slow down.  A day or two before, avoid heavy meals.  If you drink coffee you should limit coffee and other caffeine beverages.  You will probably experience some sort of caffeine withdrawal and get a headache.  Just tough it out – it should go away after the first day.  Spend time relaxing both the body and the mind.  Take a relaxing bath in the evening.

6. Detox.   Start in the morning.  Stay focused on the positive outcome.  If you are doing several days, keep a journal.  It will help you stay on track. If you start to feel ” hungry” just have some more juice.  Drink lots of water. The hungry feeling will disappear after the first day.  Don’t watch TV.  If you must, then record your show and fast forward through the commercials.  You don’t realize how many food commercials there are on TV until you decide not to eat.  Instead read or journal.  Keep exercise light.

7. What next?  Once you have completed your detox you will want to use this opportunity to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle.  The day after the detox you should have fruits and vegetables.  Raw if possible.  Vegetable soup (homemade) and brown rice are also good.  Avoid all meat and dairy.  Look and see what your diet was like before the detox and make a list of all the things you would now like to eliminate from your diet.  Go shopping again for a new healthier you!!

If you need some ideas for detoxes or want to learn which detoxes are better than others for different conditions, check out this great e-book by Frederic Patenaude, one of the leaders in the raw food movement.  It sells for up to $37.00 on his site – you can get it here for only $19. Download immediately!

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