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Who Do You Look Up To?

pathways stones

With so much media and technology we are constantly bombarded with the lives of movie stars, gurus, sports stars, politicians and so forth.  Do you find yourself admiring or looking up to some of these “idols” only to be disappointed when they do not act in a manner that you deem appropriate?  Our society puts these individuals on a pedestal and with so much information out there, they are easily knocked down.  Then they are criticized for not being a better role model.

While I do agree that it would be nice if some of these individuals would behave a little better, I do feel that living under a microscope would be tough.  The motivation for respecting your family and your fans should come from within and not some outside pressure.

The best thing that you can do is go ahead and enjoy the movie stars, sports stars, etc. but if you want to look up to someone, you should look up to yourself and be the best person you can be and set your own examples and become your own role model.  This way you can only be disappointed when you do something and then you can take responsibility and make changes to become a better person.

Stop living vicariously through others and take charge of your life.  Celebrate your successes and don’t let the actions of others determine your mood.  I not saying don’t root for your favorite team, just detach yourself a bit from it and focus on activities that make you the winner!


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