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At the Movies – “Thoughts Become Things”

Yesterday we had the privilege of attending the Red Carpet Premier of Mike Dooley’s new film “Thoughts Become Things” . If you saw The Secret, Mike was one of the featured speakers in that film, telling us that indeed – thoughts become things.  In his new film, he teaches us how to take this universal law and apply it to our lives.  He uses examples from his life and how he has arrived at where he is today.  The movie keeps your attention through out  the story and the teachings are so simple, anyone can do them.

The emphasis on the end result is important and let the universe take care of the “cursed hows” is the main message, but there is more to it than just sitting back and visualizing all day as you can imagine.  There is even great advice on visualization, for example, you only need to do it once a day!  There are 6 great tips on visualization in the film.

Mike also teaches us what to do when you can’t stop worrying about something and the different ways to take action.  All of the information is presented in a straightforward easy going manner, with some humor mixed in and and a great original soundtrack!

All in all, it is a great film and takes The Secret to the next level.  Everyone will be able to get something out of the film and I know it will be a big success along with Mike’s new book  “Infinite Possibilities”.

Thoughts Become Things DVD

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Mike Dooley also does a fantastic speech every month here in Orlando called the Safari series.  It’s a great way to hear and meet Mike and the topics are always interesting and thought provoking.  We love it!!

You can also sign up for the new TUT club and Notes from the Universe (all free) here.

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Getting Started

Have you been putting off something that you have been wanting to do?  For me it’s been writing this blog.  What got me into writing “mode” versus “thinking and planning” was a seminar I attended recently in Las Vegas.

Have you seen “The Secret”?  I saw it when it first came out and have seen it many times and introduced it to friends and family members.  One of my favorite parts was the genie – “Your wish is my command!”  I really have felt stuck in that mode for sometime, occasionally breaking out and achieving some goals, but always going back to reacting to my current issues or fear and Boom! – “Your wish is my command!” –  I would go right back to where I didn’t want to be.

How can this be I would think – as I would watch “The Secret” again to get all positive and visualize what I wanted.  Then when it wouldn’t “happen” I would get all caught up in  my current situation and the cycle kept on going.

Well if it were as easy as watching a movie and thinking about what you wanted – lots of people (including myself) would be living their dreams.   O.K. then, what do I need to do to make some changes and get on the right path?  For me it was signing up for that seminar with a little leap of faith – since I had no clue how I was going to get there, pay for it, where to stay, time off work, etc. but a voice inside told me just do it!!

The seminar was Harmonic Wealth Weekend with James Ray (the genie guy from The Secret).  It was a breakthrough weekend for me.  It wasn’t so much that I learned anything that I didn’t already know, but now it was in my face and I had to deal with it .  The first thing I had to do was take responsibility for everything that has happened in my life – no matter how much I thought I was a victim of circumstances, the truth is we create our own circumstances.  At the time, I was in sales and not selling – sure was easy to blame the economy, the boss, the company, etc. but all of that was just a reflection of me and my thoughts, not the other way around.

In order for me to turn things around, I had to go way out on a limb – leave my job of 13 years – and truly evaluate what did I really want to do.  I got so far out on the limb, that it was about to break off from the tree or at least I thought it would.  I started changing my thinking, my way of looking at things and began a shift toward a new consciousness.  The best way to start on a new path is to just get started.  Take some action and things will begin to fall into place – I look forward to sharing my new adventures with you.


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